Casa Simson

Doug Burdge is a talented and gifted artisian.  I can say this because, since we met 10 years ago, we’ve built four homes together in the Palisades and remodeled one in Malibu and every single one was a work of art.  With the exception of one house, we did not build or remodeled any of these homes for resale, but rather for ourselves as our primary residence.  However, Doug became such a great partner, that as we found other locations we felt were superior to where we were living like better ocean views, or more families, we would buy an older home, tear it down and replace it with a Burdge masterpiece.   The other thing we like about building with Doug is that each time we built a home for ourselves we got better at it…..we’re now in the home that is perfect for us and will always keep in our family, but im still looking for other projects and opportunities to work with Doug again.


-George Mackin, Owner